Imagine a community where all children are happy and healthy

Building Resilience in our Community’s Kids


Imagine: the possibilities of a community that understands and agrees upon the importance of healthy and happy children.

Imagine: the power of a community working together.

Imagine: what we can do…

The Building Resilience in our Community’s Kids (BRICK) is a committed group that is convening community leaders to catalyze their efforts through strategic questioning and conversations, blending their intelligence to solve problems through conversations prompted by this question: 

What can we do together to assure that our children are healthy and happy, that our children are resilient when faced with trauma, that our children grow into healthy, happy adults?

Leader’s from education, community mental health, universities, government, health providers and non-government organizations assembled to synergize efforts by maximizing collective impact, developing a collaborative vision and mission and reducing redundancies.

How do I get involved?

You can get involved in building resilient children and families by joining one of the BRICK Action Groups (listed below):

  1. Building a network of resources for older youth who have complex needs (mental illness, low cognitive abilities, trauma, and limited financial support.)- Nikki

  2. Preventing teen pregnancy: Anita Barbie-

  3. Developing a consortium of Bounce curriculum trainers: David Finke-

  4. Ensuring racial equity and inclusion in our community

  5. Helping kids feel safe to play in their neighborhoods: Jackie Ralston-

  6. Ensuring drug-free homes for children from birth to age 3: Stephanie Barnett-

  7. Using our health care systems to connect families to services: Tom

  8. Social emotional learning: Bridget

  9. Discovering what works to increase resilience and decrease alcohol and substance abuse; Best practices that K-12 and colleges can share: Heather

  10. Expanding the work of the Bounce Coalition: Bev Winsch-

  11. Connecting “parent advocates” into area programs: Judy Schroeder-

  12. Analyzing policy that contributes to trauma:

  13. Creating a more trauma-informed school board


The Bounce Coalition is a project of Kentucky Youth Advocates,

Kentucky's independent voice for kids.

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